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  Side-Lobe-Free Steerable Digital Line Array  


The MessengerPro, a side lobe free digital steerable line array is re-designed and improved from the Messenger G2, it's with lots more integrated DSP features, a second input for BGM and a new intuitive software tool. The directivity and clarity of speech is "the leading and the best" in the industry commented by most of the customers!

 ►Speech & background music reinforcement

 ►Patented algorithm for side lobe suppression

 ►Up to 3 lobes can be created for multiple vertical sound dispersion



Side-Lobe-Free Steerable Line Array  


The Orbit has an omni-directional and digital steerable radiation pattern, triple-lobe feature for ultimate accuracy, fully redesigned to meet the highest architectural demands and equipped to handle the current and upcoming requirements for the Voice-Alarm industry, Commercial Audio and Pro-Sound.