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In 2009, ATEÏS joined the market for steerable line-arrays, The Messenger is a side lobe free digital steerable line array, DSP technology-based, a patent algorithm, a fully self-amplified, highly directional, linear loudspeaker array capable of providing uniform volume (up to 94dB) more than 120 feet from its location. Messenger is designed to meet the industries standards for Voice Alarm, commercial audio and Pro-sound which has updated and market demands required a change of approach suppliers.

The first generation, Messenger, features the three main capabilities including the speech & background music reinforcement, patented algorithm for side lobe suppression and 3 lobes for optimal solution in multi-level applications. It's specially designed for high quality speech and background music applications in reverberant acoustic environments including office environments, conference centers, exhibition centers, shopping malls, airports, hotels, churches, casinos, arenas, nightclubs, restaurants, or any other project which requires a secure, high fidelity solution. Later on, ATEÏS introduces a new generation of steerable linearrays, the ORBIT, that have an omni-directional and steerable radiation pattern, fully redesigned to meet the highest architectural demands and equipped to handle current and upcoming requirements for the Voice-Alarm industry, commercial audio and Prosound. To meet the future standards of application which audio processors are equipped with the remote control facilities by LAV/WAN, the ORBIT can also been equipped with the equal networking facilities, too.

In 2014, the new PAX ProAV Group is formed to better reflect its leading market positioning in professional voice evacuation, pro audio, AV DSP and conferencing. Within the PAX ProAV Group, the company's established products including PENTON, TERRACOM, ATEÏS, MESSENGER PRO and XAVTEL will be marketed as distinct brands. Optimizing their potential as specific solutions in an integrated systems' design, the PAX ProAV Group will position dedicated sales and support teams targeting the brands' individual market sectors and offer solutions, providing from our sales and technical people with a wealth of experience in their fields offering support, product training, project design along with relevant sales to our customers.

With over 10 branch offices and more than 40 representatives around the globe, MESSENGER PRO may call itself a multinational in development and manufacturing of electronic solutions for the Voice-Alarm, Commercial Audio, Communication and Conferencing markets. With 30 years of experience in development and manufacturing, MESSENGER PRO holds factories in Europe and Asia where we lead a team of more than 40 dedicated highly qualified engineers who are working solely on state of the art technology. For us, the test is to be seen as the best in our business by all; our customers, employees – resulting in simplicity, increased security and durability.