Audio Over IP Solution                           

The TERRACOM is the audio over IP terminal solution, capable to use this existing network and to cross routers easily as the standard network or internet for transmission, intercom and monitoring. By using the standard network and the POE technology, you will simplify the installation, monitoring, maintenance and a solution to answer to a lot of applications.

The remarkable features include priority management, backup management, event management, built-in scheduler, volume control, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, paging, intercom, music streaming, routing, logic control, monitoring etc..

New Product Launch                            

Emergency Voice Communications System

Designed for emergency intercom such as fire, disabled refuge and help point.
Secured, monitored, full duplex communication system!


IP Audio Decoder

IP to Telecom Gateway

IP Amplified Terminal

IP Audio Encoder/Decoder

IP Door Station

IP Audio Decoder with Amp

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