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Company & Service
Audio over IP has become a very common item nowadays. In 2007, ATEÏS has proved the strength to bring the features that meet the market needs. With the acquisition of the brand TERRACOM and ongoing research in the field of audio over IP terminal system, a new level of Inter-company Audio & Communication system has presented an innovative IP/SIP based intercom system that has NO centralized equipment or matrix. The network itself is the switching matrix over local network and internet. TERRACOM also communicates with traditional phone and IP phone systems over network. It can be easily configured using a standard web-browser, TerraManager or TerraServer that is suitable for system management, such as configure and monitor all system devices; as well as other functions including music streaming, internet paging, remote control and message routing etc. TERRACOM is the perfect solution that fits applications such as office environments, conference centers, exhibition centers, shopping malls, airports, hotels, churches, casinos, arenas, nightclubs, restaurants, or any other project which requires a secure and high fidelity solution.  

In 2014, the new PAX ProAV Group is formed to better reflect its leading market positioning in professional voice evacuation, pro audio, AV DSP and conferencing. Within the PAX ProAV Group, the company’s established products including PENTON, TERRACOM, ATEÏS, MESSENGER PRO and XAVTEL will be marketed as distinct brands. Optimizing their potential as specific solutions in an integrated systems' design, the PAX ProAV Group will position dedicated sales and support teams targeting the brands' individual market sectors and offer solutions, providing from our sales and technical people with a wealth of experience in their fields offering support, product training, project design along with relevant sales to our customers.

With over 10 branch offices and more than 40 representatives around the globe, TERRACOM may call itself a multinational in development and manufacturing of electronic solutions for the Voice-Alarm, Commercial Audio, Communication and Conferencing markets. With 30 years of experience in development and manufacturing, TERRACOM holds factories in Europe and Asia where we lead a team of more than 40 dedicated highly qualified engineers who are working solely on state of the art technology. For us, the test is to be seen as the best in our business by all; our customers, employees – resulting in simplicity, increased security and durability.